Updated - Interim Board Vacancy

Interim Board Vacancy

** Updated March 16, 2020 **

Application Deadline Extended to Noon, Monday, March 23, 2020

Due to the current coronavirus situation, Candidate applications and resumes will only be accepted via email at kkivi@ercsd.org

The appointment of an interim Board member will be from the date of the Board appointment (anticipated to be at the March 31, 2020 Board meeting) until the date of the next Budget Vote and Election on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. A candidate appointed as interim Board member may, if they choose, petition to be on the May 19, 2020 ballot for election to fulfill the remainder of the term (May 20, 2020 to June 30, 2022) for the seat formerly held by Charles Bernard, Jr.

The Board is seeking applicants from among qualified District residents. The minimum qualifications for candidates for the Board of Education are:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen,
  • At least 18 years old and not adjudged incompetent,
  • Qualified voters in the SchoolDistrict
  • Able to read and write.
  • Must be a resident of the District for a continuous and uninterrupted period of at least one year prior to appointment
  • May not have been removed from any school district office within the preceding one year
  • May not be a current employee of the school board
  • May not reside with another member of the same school board as a member of the same family
  • May not simultaneously hold another incompatible public office

With schoolchildren as their focus, cognizant of responsibilities to the taxpayer, school board members act officially at the board table, working with other board members and the School Superintendent to serve students and accomplish the District’s mission statement, As a unified community, the East Ramapo Central School District is committed to educating the whole child by providing a healthy, safe, supportive, engaging and challenging learning environment.

The time commitment includes usually two evening Board meetings a month, one or more committee meetings and invited attendance at a variety of school events and functions as well as some education conferences / workshops.

Once appointed, you will be required by New York State law to fulfill mandatory training within your first year of service. Relevant Board policies on governance, Board powers, duties and responsibilities are available on the District website, under Board of Education, Policies, in Series 2000 Governance and Operation at https://www.ercsd.org/Page/99 and also on the NYSSBA website at https://www.nyssba.org/member-services/running-for-the-school-board/

Interested applicants should complete the application form on the District website under District Clerk Forms https://www.ercsd.org/Page/299 and mail, hand-deliver, or email with the subject, Board Applicant. To ensure that you are considered as a candidate both the completed application and resume must be received no later than Noon on Monday, March 23, 2020 by the District Clerk at:


The Board as a group will review applications, with resumes, as “matters leading to the appointment of a particular person to the Board of Education” during Executive Session on March 24, 2020.

As directed by the Board, the District Clerk will contact the top applicants to invite them to the March 31, 2020 Board meeting where the Board will conduct interviews in open session.

At the meeting each applicant will be given three (3) minutes to address the Board to highlight why they would be a good Board member. For example:

Why do you want to be a Board member?

What is your responsibility to the taxpayer?

What skills would you bring to the Board?

Give examples of your interpersonal skills and ability to work in groups.

What is the role of the school board vs. the role of individual members?

What previous experience has prepared you for being on the Board?

Describe previous experience with community or non-profit groups.

In what direction would you like to see the District go?

In what areas do you think the Board needs to grow?

How much time can you commit to Board duties?

The Board as a group will discuss applicants as “matters leading to the appointment of a particular person to the Board of Education” during Executive Session on March 31, 2020. Following Executive Session, the Board will vote on whether to appoint a particular individual when they return to open session. If the candidate is not approved by a majority of the Board, the Board President may call for further deliberations, call for another vote, call for a vote on another individual, or repeat the process.

Kathleen Kivi

District Clerk