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Driving Simulator and Vision-Distorting Goggles Drive Home Safety Message at Ramapo High School

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Ramapo High School students from Ms Falco and Mr. MacKenzie’s Health Classes participated in numerous distracted driving simulations. Wearing vision-distorting lenses, goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol consumption and marijuana use on the body, they navigated a go-cart along a course with cones and drove in a road simulator.  Through these exercises, the students seemed to grasp one critical point: driving while impaired can be a fatal decision. This message is especially important to get across as the seniors celebrate prom and graduation.


In collaboration with Ramapo Police Departments, SRO Navarro and the Rockland County Sheriff's Office they were able to bring in the equipment. Students were able to showcase the equipment to legislator Weider, Superintendent Of ERCSD, Dr Ellis, Board Vice President Sabrina Charles-Pierre, members of the Ramapo Police department, Capt Daniel Hyman, Capt Michael Colbath, LT Blaine Howell, Sgt. Sean Bakker, Sgt Larry Cooperstein w/ K9 Blue, Det. Lt. Brovarski RCSO and Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco.


Special thanks to Sgt. Lopez of the Spring Valley Police Department and Ramapo Police Department’s Community Policing Officer Julianne Franklin for helping to conduct DWI car stop simulations. 


Extra special thank you to RPD Sgt Cooperstein and K9 Blue for the impromptu K9 Demonstration!

The event was a chance for students to have a little fun, but also to learn an important lesson that their choices could have long-lasting consequences.

RHS Simulator

Click HERE to watch video.