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Wifi Access Beyond the Classroom

This summer, East Ramapo Central School district extended its wireless networks way beyond the classroom, installing wireless technology at the press boxes of both Ramapo and Spring Valley High Schools. 


Among the many advantages of this significant expansion is that the district will be able to live stream sports events. Student-athletes will now have access to the district wifi network on the track and in the bleachers, so it will no longer be necessary to head back into the building to send an email or work homework.  


Offering students outdoor learning spaces is widely accepted in academics, as it has been demonstrated that it can help to improve student emotional, intellectual, and behavioral development. Perhaps one of the most beneficial advantages this technological modification provides our teachers is flexibility - they can now hold class outside, far beyond the narrow shadow of the high school, fostering creativity, problem-solving, independence and confidence. 


“All of our East Ramapo schools now have Wi-Fi in the hallways, football fields, theaters, gymnasiums and every part of what’s ­considered school property,” says Bhavin Gandhi, Director of Information Technology Services & Cyber Security. “This timely installation was critical in expanding the learning outside the traditional classroom, and we are pleased to support digital learning with more broadband access.”