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Fleetwood Elementary Library Media Specialist Janelle Simpson-Luna Awarded ISTE Certification for Technology in Education!

Fleetwood Elementary Library Media Specialist Janelle Simpson-Luna is an ISTE Certified Educator!

Ms. Simpson-Luna recently completed the process for ISTE Certification, an internationally-recognized credential for educators taking steps to integrate technology into learning in high-impact, dynamic ways. This certification follows six months of coursework, followed by six months preparing her portfolio of research-based implementation examples. 

With this certification, Ms. Simpson-Luna is furthering her thinking on all forms of technology in the elementary curriculum, from the metaverse to discussion boards to online and unplugged coding. Just one example featured in her portfolio was the Virtual Reading Room she created for Martin Luther King Day. In this Virtual Reading Room, students can access material of varying reading complexity, levels and genres, with tools for language accessibility and grade-appropriate pictorial support, allowing students to choose how they want to go deeper into the material.

Of particular interest to Ms. Simpson-Luna was the concept of digital citizenship, the idea that teaching students how to engage in a digital space goes far beyond simply teaching about online safety, but also how to become involved and take civic action in a digital world.

“They have voices already,” Ms. Simpson-Luna says. “Now it’s about getting them to be able to digitally engage in action to ultimately add their voice to a bigger voice, and to make the world a better place.”

Janelle Simpson-Luna