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East Ramapo September Roundup

October 4, 2022


In the first Roundup Video of the 2022-23 school year from East Ramapo Central School District, Superintendent Dr. Clarence Ellis provides the community with an update on the district's three commitments - Academics, Social-Emotional, and Operations. The Roundups provide the East Ramapo community a quick look at some of the extraordinary things happening in our district - from classroom learning to social-emotional supports to operations and facilities. 


Dr. Ellis speaks about the return to school this fall and how it was “September the way it should be!”. Our teachers, counselors, coaches, staff and students are back to doing what they are meant to be doing in the schools, and it's refreshing to see. We share stories of our East Ramapo principals leading change, inspiring creativity and empowering their teachers and support staff. 


In the social-emotional realm, we have been adding on more services to address the current needs. East Ramapo has expanded its social work team to include two more social workers, and three college interns, two from NYU and another from Lehman College. 


Five of our school buildings had new flooring installed this summer. Each of the schools have a subtle color splash of school spirit, at the Early Childhood Center, Elmwood, the Kakiat STEAM Academy, Margetts Elementary and Pomona Middle School.


Click HERE to watch September’s Roundup Video.