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National Principals Month

October is National Principals Month, when students, teachers, staff and parents show the leader of the school how much they are appreciated. All month long, we will be showing videos featuring our 14 outstanding East Ramapo Central School District Principals and their approach to leading their respective schools.


Our East Ramapo Principals work hard to provide the students with the best education possible, and we applaud their efforts and appreciate their leadership. 

This month, be sure to thank your Principal!


Eldorado's Principal Fitzgerald Georges:

Fitzgerald Georges

Elmwood Elementary's Principal Ellen Andriello:

 National Principals Month Elmwood

Chestnut Ridge Middle School's Principal Holly Zuber-Banks:
National Principals Month Chestnut Ridge

Early Childhood Center's Principal Tiffane Barrow:
Tiffane Barrow

 Fleetwood Elementary School's Principal Carolyn Fields
Carolyn Fields

Grandview Elementary School's Principal Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith

Hempstead Elementary School's Principal Hazel Ortiz

Ms. Ortiz

Lime Kiln Elementary School's Principal Laura Dobson


Summit Park Principal Jessica Alexander

Summit Park

Pomona Middle School Principal Angela Alexander 
Pomona Middle School

Spring Valley High School Principal Karen Pinel

Spring Valley High School

Kakiat STEAM Academy Principal Jennifer Wilmoth

Kakiat STEAM Academy

Margetts Elementary Principal Jacqueline Polanco

Margetts Elementary

Ramapo High School Principal Michael Phillips

Ramapo High School