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Food Bank Information & Locations

We understand that any school closure can be a hardship for our students and their families. Our administrative teams have been working around-the-clock to develop plans for home access to instructional materials and nutritional/meal services, as well as other critical student supports during the closure. 


Effective  Monday, April 27, we will be expanding the number of our Food Bank locations. Grab and Go breakfast and lunch will be available daily,  from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., outside all of the District’s public schools, the Spring Valley Police Headquarters, and the Martin Luther King Center.

A partir del lunes 27 de abril, vamos a  incrementar el número de nuestras ubicaciones de los Estacciones de Alimentos. El desayuno y el almuerzo Grab and Go estarán disponibles todos los días,&nbsp de las 9:00 hasta las 11:00 de la mañana, estarán afuera de todas las escuelas públicas del distrito, la sede de la policía de Spring Valley, y el centro Martin Luther King.

Apati Lendi, 27 avril, n ap ogmante kantite lokal Estasyon Manje nou yo. Dejene ak manje midi Grab and Go yo ap disponib chak jou soti 9:00 AM a 11:00 AM, yo pral deyò nan tout lekòl distri lekòl la, katye jeneral yo Spring Valley Lapolis, ak anba lavil. Martin Luther King.