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Kakiat STEAM Academy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! ¡Kakiat STEAM Academy Celebra el Mes de la Herencia Hispana! Kakiat STEAM Academy selebre Mwa Eritaj Panyòl!

Kakiat STEAM Academy celebrates La Herencia Hispana, Hispanic Heritage Month!


All month, our scholars will be engaged in various activities that honor and celebrate the Hispanic Heritage. We Have kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations at Kakiat STEAM Academy with a school wide “Choice Board Challenge.” Our scholars were challenged to complete activities with their families and classmates that involve learning more about the Hispanic/Latinx culture. Scholars can recreate paintings by latinx artists, research notable hispanic/latinx people and share about them via google slides, they can invite their families to participate by eating out at an authentic hispanic restaurant, and they can even show off their futbol skills by sharing a video of them completing a soccer trick! Ask your scholar for more information about the Choice Board Challenge to view other challenges!


Each day of the month, our Middle School Scholars will be sharing new information about a different Hispanic/Latinx country. The entire Kakiat STEAM Academy community will be able to learn some fun facts about these countries! Additionally, our scholars will be welcomed each morning with new genres of Hispanic/Latinx music. You can view our calendar below!





During the week of September 27, 2021-October 1, 2021 our scholars will have a special lunch menu! The menu is inspired by some of their favorite Hispanic/Latinx dishes. Check out the special menu below.





On October 1, 2021 our scholars are invited to help us celebrate the Hispanic/Latinx culture by representing a Hispanic/Latinx country through wearing the colors of that country’s flag or by wearing a sports jersey from that country. Scholars can even bring in that county’s bandera/flag to proudly celebrate their heritage!


On October 14, 2021 all of our scholars’ choice board submissions will be reviewed and points will be awarded. The elementary classroom and middle school homeroom with the most points will win a special prize for enthusiastically celebrating the Hispanc/Latinx culture! 


We will be wrapping up Hispanic Heritage Month with our annual visit from Judge Roselina Serrano, Rockland County’s FIRST latina judge! She will be visiting our 8th grade scholars to talk to them about her experience in becoming Rockland County's first appointed Hispanc/Latinx Judge.  


Check out some pictures below to see the progression of Kakiat STEAM Academy's month long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month!