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ERCSD Success Story: Dashawn Boykin

A Spring Valley High School Class of 2018 alumnus is doing what he loves for a living: dance!


When asked about his interest in Ndomolo, a hip-swinging Congolese dance, Dashawn Boykin excitedly answers, “I just loved it from the jump!” 


Dayshawn’s enthusiasm for this fast-paced Afro-fusion dance earned him a spot on the big stage. Last month, he performed in front of sold-out show of 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden with performing artist and Nigerian headliner Burna Boy, a Nigerian Afrobeats singer.


When he was only five, he danced with his sister every chance he could. He joined different dance companies through the years, learning hip hop, jazz, African dance, and others. At Spring Valley High School, instead of physical education, he signed up for Ms. Stacey Tirro’s dance classes. He joined Thespians and even helped choreograph the annual June dance concert


Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Boykin states “I learned a lot of the fundamentals of dance in my younger years, including the dance classes I took all four years at Spring Valley High School.” 


“When Dashawn walked onto the dance floor, he had his own ideas about how to move, and he was talented, I could tell that from the start!” Ms. Tirro recalls. “I was like, okay, but there is this too.” 


As his Multicultural Dance teacher, Tirro exposes her students to many social dance styles from around the world including Italian Tarantella, African dance, Bollywood, Latin dance and more. This, coupled with the multitude of companies he linked up with, Dashawn has become steeped in African music and dance. The gigs he has landed the past few years have brought him to the West Coast, the Southwest, and Canada. Next month, he will be traveling to overseas to Dubai.

We are so proud of Dashawn! He is a true ERCSD success story! Check out Dashawn’s Instagram account @letsgo.daayy2.0