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First Cohorts of Smart Scholars at Ramapo and Spring Valley Celebrate Completion of the Program

Commemorating the completion of the Smart Scholars program this past week, Spring Valley and Ramapo High School hosted recognition ceremonies during lunch. The two classes of 2022 are the first cohorts of Smart Scholars to graduate, so this was an especially memorable event.  


Awards, certificates of completion, gown cords, and t-shirts were given to the extraordinary students, along with a special gift from Rockland Community College. They also got the chance to read the letters that they had written to themselves during their first semester as Smart Scholars in 2018. 


Smart Scholars is a grant-funded program that provides East Ramapo students the ability to earn college credits while obtaining their high school degree. East Ramapo students earned an average of 18 plus college credits in addition to their high school diploma. 


“With the college credits you have earned through Smart Scholars, you have not only saved yourself a whole lot of money, but you’ve also made your freshman year in college that much easier,” said Dr. Ellis. “You’ve got your heads are on straight, and you are making a good name for yourselves. We are all so proud of you!”


Congratulations to all of the Spring Valley and Ramapo High School graduates who earned their step ahead through Smart Scholars.