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Letter from the Superintendent Regarding Lead Testing in Water Report

June 12, 2024

Dear East Ramapo Parents, Guardians, and Staff,

It is of the utmost importance that we ensure a safe and healthy environment for all of our students. Public Health Law and the New York State Health Department (NYSDOH) regulations require that all public schools test lead levels in water from every outlet that is being used for drinking or cooking.

Current regulations require East Ramapo Central School District to perform periodic water testing for lead in drinking water in each school building in accordance with New York State guidelines. Effective December 22, 2022, New York State reduced the limit for lead in public schools and BOCES’ drinking water from 15 parts per billion (ppb) to 5 ppb.

In compliance for testing within the period of January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025, the Rockland BOCES Health and Safety Department took the initial first-draw samples from 8 water outlets at the Summit Park, Grandview, Hempstead and Lime Kiln Locations on May 28, 2024. A certified laboratory was used for analysis. Outlets that initially tested below the action level remain in service with no restrictions.

The outlet listed below produced laboratory results above 5 ppb lead at initial testing: ● Summit Park – Kitchen Double Sink left and Kitchen Double Sink Right 7.5 ppb

The outlets listed above were either remediated and resampled, producing laboratory results below the action level, or designated NOT FOR DRINKING USE as specified by New York State guidelines. All laboratory results are posted on the East Ramapo Facilities Department website ( East Ramapo Central District is in compliance with New York State lead in school drinking water guidelines.


Clarence G. Ellis
Dr. Clarence G. Ellis Superintendent of Schools