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East Ramapo Celebrates National Assistant Principals Month

In recognition of National Assistant Principals Week April 1-5, East Ramapo is honoring all of the extraordinary school leaders for their hard work and dedication! Each and every day, our Assistant Principals work tirelessly to help teachers, motivate students, support their principal, and handle the unpredictable situations that occur in the schools. Be sure to show your appreciation for your school’s Assistant Principal this week!


Stephanie Ayala, Elmwood Elementary
Annie Bino, Ramapo High School

AMMA Amma Brown, Kakiat S.T.E.A.M. Academy

Katelyn Davie, Grandview

Douglas Doller, Kakiat S.T.E.A.M. Academy

Steve Forman, Assistant Principal OA

Yolanda Gardner, Chestnut Ridge


Barbara Jean, Pomona Middle School

Astrid Johnson, Early Childhood Center


Jennifer Martin, Spring Valley High School

Beatriz Munoz, Hempstead Elementary

Dionne Olamiju, Spring Valley High School

Michael Rose, Eldorado Elementary


Hope Savich, Spring Valley High School

Karissa Sullivan, Ramapo High School

Dara Montifa Tippit, Spring Valley High School

Jennifer Piliere-Gutzeit, Chestnut Ridge Middle School
Johnny Vasquez, Ramapo High School

LaThelle Sabastian-Smith, Ramapo High School

Maria Petrella, Lime Kiln Elementary

\Raisha Sanford, Summit Park Elementary

Sarita Thomas, Margetts Elementary

Erin Thunell, Fleetwood Elementary (not pictured)

vacaWendy Vaca, Pomona Middle School