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Adding & Dropping Courses

Students and parents are given ample opportunity to establish a firm, stable schedule before school opens. It is expected that no changes will occur in these schedules except in extreme cases where the following should apply:

  • A student may drop a full-year course up to five weeks from the beginning of the 1st day of classes. In the case of a ½ year course, the time period is three weeks. The student must have parental permission and his/her guidance counselor’s consultation to drop the course. No credit will be granted and no entry will be made on the permanent record card. A dropped course is to be replaced by another course.
  • Beyond five weeks in the case of a full year course and/or three weeks in the case of a ½ year course, a course may be dropped by parental request if reviewed by the Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services and under the following conditions:
    • No credit is granted.
    • In place of a specific grade, the permanent record card will be marked with Withdrawn-Passing or Withdrawn-Failing. The symbols “WP”or “WF” will be placed on the permanent record card. The teacher of the course dropped will provide the Passing or Failing determination.