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School Nurse

A registered nurse is on duty in the Health Office during school hours. You must have a pass to see the school nurse.

Medical History & Physical Examination Form

  1. All students must have up-to-date immunizations upon entering school. Students can contact Rockland County Health Dept. within 30 days from date of admission to obtain immunizations.
  2. Health clearance forms will be given to parents/guardians when a student registers in the District.
  3. Parents must complete the health history section of the physical education form.
  4. All new students are required to have a physical examination.
  5. All new students and 10th grade students will receive a hearing screening by the school nurse.
  6. All 9th grade students will be screened for scoliosis annually.
  7. All 10th grade and new students are required to have height, weight, and vision screening.

Physical Examinations

In accordance with New York State Law all 10th grade students and all new entrants must be examined by a physician and the report submitted to this Health Office before October 1st of the current school year. If this is not done, the school will assume that the parents want the student to be examined by the school physician. Passes will be issued to students to be examined by a doctor in the Health Office. Students must comply by reporting to the Health Office at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Sports Programs

All Students Participating in our Sports Program Must Pass A Physical Examination

A one-day request to be excused from physical education must be accompanied by a note from home. All requests to be excused for more than one day should be brought to the school nurse in the form of a doctor’s note.

Students recommended for Adaptive Physical Education should be placed with an adaptive physical education class, if their schedule permits.

Medication in School

Medication can only be taken in school under the following conditions:

  1. A note from the doctor and the parent requesting that the student be allowed to take medication during school hours must be submitted to the nurse. Forms may be obtained from the nurse.
  2. The note and the medication should be brought to the nurse by a parent or guardian.
  3. At no time are students to bring ANY MEDICATION to school without following the above procedure. This includes Tylenol, aspirin, or any  over-the-counter medications.
  4. Every effort to take medication at home rather than in school should be made. Medication that is required three times per day can be taken at home (before school, upon arrival home from school, and at bedtime).
  5. The nurse cannot give medication under any circumstances without doctors’ orders.

Illness and Injury

If a student should become ill or sustain an injury during school hours, it must be reported to the supervising teacher who will then issue a pass to the Health Office. All accidents during school hours and/or after school hours must be reported to the nurse. When ill, students must call their parent/ guardian from the Health Office and be signed out by a parent or responsible adult listed on the emergency card. Report rashes and/or allergies to the nurse.

To avoid becoming ill, wash your hands as frequently as possible. If you do feel ill and have flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, coughing and/or vomiting, stay home and see your doctor.

Emergency Cards

Each student will receive an emergency card at the beginning of the school year, which must be completed and returned to the Health Office. Both parents’ work numbers must be included as well as those of friends, relatives or neighbors who can assume responsibility for the student in case of an emergency. Be sure to include the physician’s name and phone number.