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East Ramapo April Roundup

May 3, 2022


In the April Roundup from East Ramapo Central School District, Superintendent Dr. Clarence Ellis gives an update on the district's three commitments - Academics, Operations, and Social-Emotional Learning.


The combined Academics/Operations update is all about the technology upgrades that have taken place throughout the district over the past year. We have invested heavily in educational technologies, digital tools and equipment that support virtual learning, and improve student engagement. Director of Information Technology Services & Cyber Security, Mr. Bhavin Gandhi tells about the needs assessment that was conducted in November of 2021, and how the gaps were identified, and about the 200 new Promethean boards installed in classrooms throughout the district. Sonia Saravia Dominguez, Director of Instructional Technology & Curriculum explains the blended learning education model, which combines the use of educational technologies with traditional face-to-face instruction. To keep the students engaged and the lessons interactive, our East Ramapo teachers are constantly shifting back and forth, innovating, adjusting, and customizing the instruction.


In regards to the Social-Emotional Pillar, this Roundup focuses on the Dignity Act Coordinators who play a vital role in setting the school-wide climate in relation to bullying prevention. Last month, our DASA Coordinators received the state-required training in human relations, in order to remain up-to-date on state regulations and reporting requirements, and be able to adequately manage the demands of this important position.


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April Roundup