Q1. How do I become a member of the PTA?

    A1. Contact the Vice President in charge of Membership or the PTA President to purchase a membership card for only $7.00 and individual or $10.00 family, or send money in a sealed envelope marked “PTA membership” to the PTA mailbox (see question 6). Include your name, child’s name, and child’s teacher.

    Q2. Where does my membership fee go?

    A2. Part of the money goes to fund New York State and National PTA programs. The rest helps to support Margetts PTA programs, such as Cultural Arts and RIF.

    Q3. Do I get anything else for my $7.00/ $10.00?

    A3. The PTA provides discounts at evening events, and on the back of your pta card you can go onto www.pta.org for member benefits, discounts and resources. CHECK IT OUT!

    Q4. Why should I become a member of the PTA?

    A4. Besides helping to fund PTA programs, the more people officially registered as members of the PTA, the more the organization can influence state and federal legislators about matters that affect our children and our community.

    Q5. Do I have to attend PTA meetings if I become a member?

     A5. No, but you should! Here are some common “reasons” why people can’t make it to PTA meetings: I can’t afford it: other than the small membership fee (which entitles you to free stuff!), you are not required to pay to attend. Anyone can attend a meeting, but only paid members can participate in the “business” of the PTA (such as voting). Plus there are tasty snacks and door prizes!

    I don’t know anyone there: We don’t know you, either, but we’d like to! Come and get to know the parents, teachers, and volunteers who work with and for your children. You might make a great new friend!

    I don’t have time: Meetings last about one hour, once a month, generally on the second Tuesday of each month. We have combined our meetings with Elmwood PTA so that parents in who have children in both schools will only have to come out 1 night a month. Our meetings begin at 7:00 pm. Reminder flyers will be sent home with your child a few days before each meeting. We are all working for the best interests of all the children and need your input! I can’t say NO and I’ll end up doing everything: Doing everything is the PTA president’s job, and you can’t have it!!! Seriously, we have many different people who pitch in to share the tasks so no one has to do it all. You may help as much or as little as you wish – everyone’s efforts are appreciated! I don’t have a babysitter: You can bring your children with you. Let them see how involved you are and let them know how important you feel school is!

    Q6. Where is the PTA mailbox?

    A6. It’s in the school office in the large mail shelving unit used by the staff. If you want to send something to PTA, put it in a sealed envelope and write “PTA” on it. You can then send it to school with your child to bring to the office, bring it to school yourself, or send it through the mail to the following address:

    Margetts PTA

    25 Margetts Road

    Chestnut Ridge, NY 10952