• Mrs. Laura Dobson


     Welcome to Lime Kiln Intermediate School!


    Feedback is a gift-- Accept it!

    This month we are focusing on feedback, as per our Growth Mindset Mantras.  Within the feedback objectives, we are focusing on distinguishing between person praise and process praise, developing strategies for giving effective feedback, and teaching students how to use effective feedback when conferencing with peers.


     Efficacy Principles

    1. Smart is not something you are. Smart is something you get.

    2. Thoughts determine your actions.

    3. Think You Can * Work Hard *Get Smart.

    4. The Learning Zone is where you get smart.

    5. In everything you do, “Find Out How Great You Can Be” (FOHGYCB).

    6. Feedback tells you where your Learning Zone is and how hard you have to work.

    7. The Step-by-Step Method is a way of working hard to get better.

    8. Use Feedback!  Think You Can!  Keep Moving Out!

    9. Overcome Internal and External obstacles.

    10.  Listen to your Strong Side and make it powerful.


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