• Purchasing

    The Office of Purchasing is responsible for managing all purchases of goods and services, such as textbooks, educational materials, furniture, office supplies, buildings and ground equipment, computers and electronic equipment for classrooms and offices, and school buses.

    The Purchasing Department certifies that procedures and practices comply with District policies and protects the New York State Law. The department is dedicated to operating with the highest levels of integrity and transparency as it welcomes responsible vendors and contractors seeking to do business with the District. The department's practices encourage competition to the extent achievable as it engages a diversity of vendors.

    The intention of this page is to offer information on how to conduct procurement for the District, and to bestow the ways in which the department aids District employees in obtaining the goods and services required to carry out the district's mission.

    Competitive bidding procedures are followed for any commodity purchases in excess of $20,000 per year, and public works (construction) in excess of $35,000.  

    Contracts :

    1. $1.00 to $1,000.00 requires one formal quote
    2. $1,001 to $19,000 requires three formal quotes
    3. $20,000 and greater Competitive Bidding
    4. $35,000 and greater Public Works Competitive Bidding

    Requests for bids are published in the Current quotes and Bids on this webpage, the Journal News and Hamodia Newspaper, and on the Empire State Purchasing Group. 

    Michelle Rivera
    Purchasing Agent
    (845) 577-6076
    Catherine Martin
    Principlas Purchaisng Clerk
    (845) 577-6074