• Mr. Howie Weiner:
    I have been teaching in East Ramapo since 2004.  I have taught in every school in the district, and I have been at Hempstead since 2009.


    Mr. Michael Cangelosi
    Currently in my 5th year teaching Physical Education at Hempstead Elementary School. Before coming to East Ramapo,

    I spent 11 years working in the NYC School District as  a Middle and High School P.E. Teacher.
    I graduated from Brooklyn College, where I earned my Master's Degree in Physical Education K-12
    I currently reside in Westchester County with my wife and three children. I'm honored to be a part of the team 
    at East Ramapo, and teach the children how to learn, enjoy and embrace physical fitness.
  • We teach 2 physical education curriculums.  One curriculum is for Kindergarten through 2nd.  The other is 3rd through 6 grade.

    Our K-2 Curriculum is based on body movement and body awareness.  Our 4-6 Curriculum is based on team sports.  Grade 3 is a combination of both.

    We also focus on age appropriate development when it comes to the physical attributes of speed, power, accuracy, flexibility and team concepts.

    One goal we are particularly looking to accomplish this school year is to make physical education a positive experience for the students at Hempstead Elementary.


    Phys Ed Teachers