• PizarroFrances Pizarro, Family Resource Coordinator

    School(s) Ramapo High School

    Phone: 845 577-646930
    Email: fpizarro@ercsd.org

    Number of Years working at East Ramapo: 12 years

    Background: I started at East Ramapo as a substitute teacher’s assistant, then became an FRC for Elmwood and Margetts elementary schools part-time.  Later went to Ramapo High School as a full-time FRC where I still reside.  My function as a Family Resource Coordinator is to provide parents, caregivers and students with emotional support, information about mental health, referrals to appropriate services and resources.  Develop good knowledge of community resources and human services to obtain effective interaction skills with families and community members and be able to continue with resource referrals and support.  As an FRC we work as a team to coordinate program activities in the community.  We are the means used by families to cope with difficult situations such as cultural, social, economic and medical issues and try linking the families to local resources.  Being bilingual, I also translate and interpret for families, staff and students at Ramapo High School which gives me the opportunity to develop a close relationship with them.

    Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

    Favorite FRC Event and why: "One of my favorite FRCs events is the Holiday Feast because although it is a lot of work the holidays can be fun and exciting with all the Christmas decorations, Santa Claus and music.  It’s a moment in time when our families and community come together to celebrate with food, toys and good vibes.  Above all it teaches us an important lesson about kindness, gratefulness and selflessness!"

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