• Report Cards

    In order to keep parents and guardians apprised of their child's academic progress, the guidance department will mail four report cards a year. The report cards will arrive every eight to ten weeks as indicated by the schedule below. In the middle of each marking period, parents and guardians will also receive a progress report indicating how their child is doing in each class. If you do not receive a report card or progress report, call the guidance department at 577-6220 and a copy will be mailed out to you.

    Marking Period
    Ending Date
    First Marking Period
    First Progress Report
    Mid October  

    to be mailed by the 3rd week October 

    First Report Card

    Mid November 

    to be mailed by the last week of November

    Second Marking Period
    Second Progress Report

    Mid December 

    to be mailed last week of  December 

    Second Report Card

    End of January  

    to be mailed early February 

    Third Marking Period
    Third Progress Report

    Mid March  

    to be mailed March 

    Third Report Card

    Mid April 

    to be mailed 3rd week of  April 

    Fourth Marking Period
    Fourth Progress Report
    Mid May 

    to be mailed end of May 

    Fourth Report Card
    End of June  

    to be mailed last days of June