• 5th Grade - Ms. Sneed

    Dear Parents / Guardians,

    My philosophy on education is that equity and excellence must be the top priorities for all children. I believe each and every child should receive a quality education. My classroom will be a positive environment for all of my students and I will let each student know that they are special and important. I will emphasize the importance of education and hope to promote that learning is fun. I will set high expectations and standards for my students because I believe this will yield high results. Since I am aware that students in the same class will have different learning styles and levels, I will develop lesson plans and differentiate my teaching style to accommodate them. Using a balanced literacy program, I will teach my students how to become strategic readers and critical thinkers. My ultimate goal as an educator is to guide, motivate, build confidence and self-esteem in my students and to empower my students academically so that each student can reach their full potential.

    Lisa Sneed