• The Early Childhood Center (ECC) is an educational institution of love and excellence. We have the privilege of housing educational programs to enhance the growth and development of kindergarten, first grade and second grade scholars.

    The ECC school is a remarkable place where student growth is evident on a daily basis and our faculty and staff work in partnership with families for optimal experiences. We understand the process of learning and socio-emotional growth and have created programs, systems and structures that address the needs of the whole child. Instructionally, the advantages of an early childhood school are tremendously important. Time is afforded for teachers to delve deeply into all content areas. A cohort of Early Childhood educators collaborate through planning, sharing of resources and monitoring academic progress for the constant growth and understanding of all of our scholars. Our professional learning communities are customized to empower teachers and support staff as they continually grow with a focus of teaching and learning. Thankfully, Title I funds have made it possible for our students to have access to digital interactive boards and one on one chromebooks granted by the district.

    Our students benefit from the opportunity of experiencing special area classes as well as their core subjects. During physical education, music, art and library, students learn skills that would typically not be introduced until first grade. Each of these special classes are a scheduled part of each student's day. Students are exposed to various art forms, reflected in classroom art projects, library classes, art classes, vocal and musical performances. Our students have opportunities to understand the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship in our vibrant physical education classes.

    Lastly, as a community, we are very proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to growing our school. We are excited about the great possibilities that exist for students who are afforded the opportunity to be a part of our wonderful learning environment. As a district, the solid foundation that is being set at the Early Childhood Center school will play a vital part in each child's future and the communities in which they will lead.

    School Hours:
    8:05am to 2:40pm
    Contact information:
    Phone - 845-577-6585
    Fax - 845-577-6477