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Masters degrees in: -Special Education -Early childhood education. Certifications in: -Early Childhood Education. -Early Childhood Education for students wit disabilities. -Childhood Education. Childhood Education for students with disabilities.

Mr. Toper

My career life began in advertising. I liked the idea of getting someones attention and getting them hooked on something. I did that for several years, but it was not what I really wanted out of a career. While working with a focus grup of children, I came to realize how much fun I had talking to them and sharing ideas and thoughts. I spent 4 years as a teaching assistnat to get a feel for how the education world works, while attending graduate school. I loved the idea of taking my passion for getting someone interested and hooked onto something, and made it a tool for teaching and reaching out to learners. I became a teacher. I found that my 4 years working in Rockland BOCES gave me a particular passion for working with students with disabilities. I truly believe that everyone can and deserves the best possible chance to learn and work every day to make sure that my students have the same fun, passion, and interest in learning that I was given growing up. I add a lot of humor and individulatiy to all my lessons to reach all the varied ways our students learn. 




  • Homework, How much is too much?

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    WIth an emphasis on continuing the learning process at home, hours of homework are on the rise. Where do you stand on time limits for homework or is there never enough?

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