• GutenbergerMariela Gutenberger, Family Resource Coordinator

    School(s) Chestnut Ridge Middle School

    Phone: 845 577-6338
    Email: mgutenberger@ercsd.org

    Number of Years working at East Ramapo: 15 years, 7 years as an FRC

    Background: My parents were born in Cuba and came here to give us a better opportunity in education as that was going to get us better jobs. I went to college and quickly climbed up the corporate ladder in Macy’s retailing chain, utilizing the Executive Assistant skills I learned and applying them to my everyday job now for organizational skills.  I got married and had children who also went to college and instilled the mindset of working hard pays off.  My love of children started early on in teaching Sunday School in my church and teaching them the fundamentals of giving back. Then I worked as a Home Daycare Provider nurturing small children. And now becoming a Spanish-speaking Family Resource Coordinator has been able to afford me the simple task of caring and supporting our school students and their families in the way of resources that are much needed. My day is very different and rewarding and I get to use my native language.  Knowing I make a difference is all the thanks I need!

    Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

    Favorite FRC Event and why: "District-wide Holiday Feast is my favorite event, as is the Chestnut Ridge Principal’s Holiday Giving Dinner. Both provide our school families with food, groceries, and a gift to take home for the Holidays. The smile on their faces is priceless!"

    “The more you give of yourself to others, the more you will live in abundance”.

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