• Special Student Services

    Spring Valley High School's Special Education program provides special education and related services to children in the school identified by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) as disabled.

    We provides for the educational, physical, and emotional needs of the school's disabled students through a free, appropriate educational program in the least restrictive setting.

    Special education services are provided where possible at the school, but always in a setting which allows for the appropriate delivery of service to the child.

    Each disabled child has access to the full range of programs and services of the school, including co-curricular programs and activities, which are available to all other pupils enrolled in the public schools of the district.

    Always a leader in innovative service delivery, Spring Valley now provides services for the hearing impaired, as well as occupational therapy, along with speech language and psychological services. Children are placed in a program by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals called the Committee on Special Education. This team includes the child's teacher, a school psychologist, special education expert, parent of a disabled student, and, most importantly, the parent of the child. This team designs the program and sets goals for helping the child achieve.

    Special education in Spring Valley H.S. is committed to individually helping our disabled children become successful in meeting the challenges of the future.