• The High School Physical Education curriculum grades nine to twelve provides all students the opportunity for growth and development. The curriculum is designed to accommodate individual ability to grow physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. The program attempts to create an atmosphere where students are permitted to be successful and reach specific goals.

    The goals of the department are:

    • To continue to build upon and reinforce the skills introduced at the middle school;
    • To increase the number of leisure time and life fitness skills;
    • To develop and increase levels of physical fitness;
    • To develop an awareness of individual skills and team skills;
    • To develop an understanding and appreciation for the efforts and abilities of others;
    • To stress safety practices as they related to physical education; and
    • To develop and refine sports activities for the talented athlete.

    Through our Health program, students will acquire knowledge and develop skills and attitudes to permit optimal quality of life and total well being. Health education provides skill development experiences to assist students in their future life. This is provided through a variety of learning techniques and authentic assessments. Units in health education consist of goal setting and planning, communication skills, self-management, stress management, decision-making and advocacy.