Earth Science
  • Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope you enjoyed your summer and you’re now ready to, “Go All the Way Up”!


    This is a class where everyone is PROMPT.

    This is a class where everyone is PREPARED.

    This is a class that is PRODUCTIVE, working to the best of our ability.

    This is a class that is POLITE to others.

    This is a class that is PATIENT.

    This is who we are.


    Make sure you have the following materials available to support your learning throughout the school year.

    Supplies List:

    1 box of pencils (student responsibility - to be kept in class for laboratory work) 

    1 box of pens (student responsibility – bring two each day) 

    Calculator (student responsibility- use your Math class calculator or one from the dollar store) 

    Agenda (supplied by the school)

    1 ½ inch binder (student responsibility) Notebook dividers (student responsibility)


    Grading policy:

     10% Classwork

     20% Quizzes (weekly)

     10% Homework (Chapter readings parent signature page).

     Extra credit Castlelearning assignments and/or Reading summary.

     20% Labs  40% Tests


    Thank you!

    Mrs. Roberson