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    Spanish III H, Spanish II, Spanish II H

    Spanish III H - Periods 1 & 7

    • This Honor's level course completes the State's requirements for checkpoint B in Foreign Language Study.
    • All students are required to take both the State checkpoint B and SUNY Albany College Placement Assessments in June.
    • Students must achieve mastery or higher on the State Checkpoint B exam and pass the placement exam to advance to the College Level 1 Course.
    • These two assessments analyze divergent skills. The Checkpoint B Exam is predominantly vocabulary based; as students must demonstrate competency with regard to speaking, listening, reading, and composition writing skills. The SUNY Albany Placement exam is predicted upon higher level grammar skills.
    • Students must exhibit a high level of commitment and a strong work ethic to attain success with this rigorous curriculum.

    Spanish II - Periods 3 & 6

    • This is the first course in the two year intermediate level sequence that will satisfy the state's Requirements for Checkpoint B in Foreign Language study.
    • Active Language skills will be fostered in this course. Therefore, students will be required to speak and write more in the target language.
    • This is the first phase towards attainment of an advanced Regents diploma. As a result, students are expected to demonstrate an intrinsic drive towards effective communication in a language other than English.

    Spanish II H - Period 5

    • This is the Honor's Level of the intermediate sequence language course that will fulfill the state's requirements for Checkpoint B at the end of two years of study.
    • This course prepares students to take both the State Checkpoint B and SUNY Albany College Placement assessments at the end of the second year of Foreign Language Instruction.
    • Mastery of all communication and grammatical skills will be necessary to advance to the second level of this Honor's sequence.
    • Students must present evidence of a strong work ethic to enroll in a prerequisite college level course.

    Spanish 3 H

    • This course completes the State's Requirements for Checkpoint B in
    • Foreign Language Study.
    • All students will be taking the Regents Exam in January 2011. 
      • Students must receive mastery; a score of 85 or higher.  Those who do not attain mastery status will repeat the exam in June.
    • Students will take the SUNY Albany College Placement Exam in June. 
      • They must pass this assessment in order to advance to the College
    • Level 1 Course.

    Spanish V Advanced

    • This is predominantly a senior class elective.
    • Students must have an intrinsic drive to complete required assignments.
    • Some of the topics that will be covered are Hispanic Heritage, College Portfolios, Latin American Art, Spanish Music and Dance, Careers that require Bilingual Skills, Class Yearbook, Etc.

    Spanish Beginning II

    • This is the second year of study for students. In this class, students will finish the mandates for checkpoint A in foreign language study.
    • A passing grade in this course is required to attain a high school diploma.
    • Students will take a final exam that is similar to the Second Language Proficiency assessment that was previously given by the state. This test includes all four learning components of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.