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    French Beginning 2

    • This is the second year of study for students. In this course, students will:
      • Finish the mandates for Checkpoint A in foreign language study.
    • A passing grade in this course is required to attain a high school diploma.
    • Students will take a final exam that is similar to the Second Language Proficiency assessment that was previously given by the state.
      • This test includes all four learning components of:
        • speaking,
        • listening,
        • reading,
        • writing

    French 3H & 3R

    • This course completes the State's Requirement for Checkpoint B in Foreign Language Study.
    • All students will be taking the French Regents Exam in June 2011.
      • Students must receive mastery; a score of 85 or higher.

    French AP 4

    • This course is predominantly a junior class.
    • Students prepare for the AP French Exam which they will take their senior year.
    • There is great emphasis on speaking, reading, and the mastery of grammar.

    French AP 5

    • This course is predominantly a senior class.
    • Students will take the state AP French Exam in May for college credits.
      • Universities give students between 12-16 credits if they pass with a score of a 3 or higher.
    • There is a heavy emphasis placed on the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar so that students will be successful on this national exam.

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