• Public Participation at Board Meetings


    How You Can Participate

    All schools and school events, inclusive of Board of Education meetings, should be places where mutual respect is practiced and reinforced and where all persons in attendance treat each other with courtesy, politeness and mutual consideration, regardless of differences of opinion.

    Community residents are invited and encouraged to attend and speak at all regular meetings and public hearings, and to attend all other meetings of the Board and its committees, except those held in executive session as authorized by the Freedom of Information Act. Speakers may address the Board at regular meetings during the agenda item on oral communications. 

    To address the Board, you must submit a request to the District Clerk on a speaker's request card. Speaker Request cards are available from the District Clerk immediately prior to the start of the meeting. Fully completed cards must be returned to the District Clerk before the scheduled start of the meeting. Those recognized by the President may address the Board. Speakers must limit their remarks to three minutes. If reading from a prepared statement, a copy should be given to the District Clerk.  Speakers who wish to give any documents or materials to the Board must give them to the District Clerk before the scheduled start of the meeting. Speakers are asked to be mindful of the District's Civility and Decorum policy, and to address the Board in a courteous way.  

    If you have concerns about your child or other school-related matters, you are asked to first try to resolve them at the level most directly involved-usually the classroom teacher or school principal. Any charges and/or complaints to the Board must be made in writing and signed and must be presented to the Board President or District Clerk. Such matters will not be discussed at any open meeting of the Board