• Welcome to Pomona Middle School's
    Social Studies Department!

    Our Social Studies Teachers are:

    Grade 7:
    Ms. Drummond
    Ms. Izzo
    Mr. Marcus
    Mr. Monaco
    Mrs. Schwander

    Grade 8:
    Mr. Casey

    Mr. Ezratty
    Ms. Izzo
    Mr. Rizzo

    We offer four courses of study:

    Grade 7

    Social Studies 7
    Social Studies 7

    In Grade 7 Social Studies, students learn about:

    • Native American Civilizations
    • Life in Colonial Times
    • The American Revolution
    • The Civil War
    • The Reconstruction Period

    Grade 8

    Social Studies 8
    Social Studies 8

    In Grade 8 Social Studies, students learn about:

    • The Effects of the Reconstruction Area
    • World War I
    • The Roaring 20's
    • World War II
    • The New Deal
    • The Korean War
    • The Vietnam War
    • The 60's
    • The 70's
    • The Cold War
    • Modern Day United States History