• Welcome to Pomona Middle School's
    Science Department!

    Our Science Teachers are:

    Grade 7:
    Ms. Dewan
    Mrs. Francois-Lozier
    Mrs. Finnegan-Kroenung
    Mrs. Rivers-Mazza

    Grade 8:
    Mr. Burrows
    Mr. Canario
    Ms. Drummond
    Mr. Smith

    We offer four courses of study:

    Grade 7

    Science 7

    • Life Science

    Science 7

    • Life Science
    • Chemistry
    • Physical Science
    • Earth Science

    Grade 8

    Science 8

    • Physical Science
    • Earth Science

    Living Environment

    The Living Environment is a core-based course which ends in a NYS Regents Living Environment Examination.  A minimum of 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experiences with satisfactory lab reports are required above and beyond the classroom instructional seat time. 

    The Living Environment Core Curriculum is expected to prepare students to understand and apply scientific concept principles and theories pertaining to the living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science.  To attain this, the core addresses six key ideas:

    1. Similarity and differences among living and non-living things
    2. Inheritance of genetic information
    3. Changes of species and organisms over time
    4. The continuity of life
    5. Dynamic equilibrium that sustains life
    6. Interdependence of plants and animals and their environment.

    These key ideas are developed through the following topics:

    Unit 1: The Characteristics of Life   
    Unit 2: Biochemistry   
    Unit 3: The Flow of Energy   
    Unit 4: Human Anatomy and Physiology   
    Unit 5: Disease   
    Unit 6: Reproduction and Development   
    Unit 7: Genetic Continuity   
    Unit 8: Evolution   
    Unit 9: Ecology   
    Unit 10: Human Impact on Ecology

    New York State Science Assessments

    • All Grade 8 Science students will take the NYS Grade 8 Science Assessment in early June.

    • All Living Environment students will take:
      • The NYS Grade 8 Science Assessment in June
      • The New York State Living Environment Regents Exam later in June.