• Long Term Learning Target

    I can verify the physics principle and theory by performing the associated physics laboratory.


     The following are the Physics Laborarory assignments.

           1. Lab agreement and Lab Safety

           2.  Measurement of paper tower

           3.  Linear measurement of table size

           4. Measurement of uniform Motion

           5.  Free falling object measurement

           6.  Newton 2nd law

           7. Spring and Hooke’s law

           8. Uniform circular motion

           9. Projectile Motion

           10. Friction force

           11. Conservation of Linear momentum

           12. Gravitational force in our Solar System

           13. Work and Power

           14.   Wave in the spring

           15. Double slit interference

           16. Measurement of speed of sound by a resonance tube

           17. Reflection from a plane mirror

           18. Refraction of light in water

           19. Refraction of light in glass

           20. Electric field measurement simulation for a point charge

           21 .Electric field measurement simulation for a dipole of charges

           22. Linear measurement of a pack of paper and the thickness of paper

           23.  Magnetic field and compasses

           24. Measurement of the vibration period of a simple pendulum


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