Welcome to the 2018- 2019 school year!  I am Mrs. Caraballo, your English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!  We will be learning and growing together. Please read and sign the student contract below.    


    ESL Student Contract           

    1. Classroom Rules
    • Arrive to class on time
    • Come to class prepared with my supplies and homework
    • Participate in class activities
    • Respect others and myself
    • Listen when others are talking
    • Follow all directions and all school rules


    1. Student Responsibilities
    • Participate in class discussions
    • Come prepared to learn
    • Pay attention
    • Stay on task
    • Complete all assignments
    • Help others
    • Ask questions when needed
    • Take notes
    1. Homework

    Homework is an important part of school.  It must be handed in on time.  It should be neat and complete.  If you are absent, hand in your homework the next day.  Ask the teacher for the missed homework assignment when you return to school.  After three missed homework assignments, your parents or guardians will be called. 


    1. Grading

    Tests/Quizzes- 35%

    Homework/Projects- 15%


    Class participation- 25%


    1. There may be photos taken during class for class projects, a newsletter or community building.


    I have read the ESL student contract.  I agree and will follow the ESL student contract.

    Print your name________________________________________________________________

    Sign your name_____________________________________ Date_______________________ 

    Print name of parent/guardian____________________________________________________ 

    Signature of parent/guardian_____________________________________________________

    Home phone #_______________________________ Cell phone #_______________________