• Incentives for MS and HS 


    Students who stuggle with behavior or academics often need a reward to motivate them.  Imagaine if you had to do a task every day that was very difficult, you too may need an incentive or reward to complete it.   I love my job, but if I had to do something that was challenging for me, such as calculus, I'd have to get compensated a lot better.  For students whom acadmenics or behavior is challenging a reward or something to work toward can give them the motivation they need to get things done.


    • Listen to music during silent reading time (headphones)/lunch/
    • Extra minutes at the computer
    • Wear hat/hoodie to school
    • Worksheet/Homework passes (limited # per week/month)
    • Leave for lunch one/two minute(s) early. – or leave any period 1 minute early.
    • Fast pass to be first in line for lunch
    • One free restroom trip
    • 5 minutes of free reading, high interest magazines available
    • Buy a snack from machine
    • Activity for class (movie, math game, dodge ball, etc)
    • Tell a pre-approved joke/riddle on morning announcements
    • Make announcements over the PA for 1 week
    • Basketball with principal/teacher….Class vs. teachers.
    • Late pass - up to 10 minutes last with no tardy.
    • Prime reserved parking spot – principal’s parking spot for day.
    • Free pass/reduced cost to school dance/basketball game
    • Team deal: A group of students, 6 students with 10 tickets each – one large pizza to share
    • Principal with a cart of donuts/snacks walked from room to room and asked teacher, “do you have 10% reduction in a problem behavior, tardy, etc. and if so everyone in the class get a donut. If not he rolls the cart to the next room
    • Passing period – pick song to play on intercom
    • Snow ball fight using soft cotton balls
    • Homework due date extended
    • Help the “specials” teachers
    • Eat lunch with a preferred adult in school
    • Select a fun class activity from a list of choices
    • Play non-academic computer game
    • Work on jigsaw/crossword puzzle/coloring
    • Select a friend to study with on an in-class assignment
    • Select a teacher to call home and tell parent they are doing a good job
    • Take picture or me or me with friends and print it/or send it home
    • Work at school store
    • “Adopt” a younger student and become a mentor
    • Get extra gym time with another class
    • IOU redeemable for credit on one wrong item on a future in-class quiz or homework assignment. Or pick one problem that does not count.
    • Shadow the AP/custodian/security/librarian.
    • You tube video of music - students can dance or sing along.
    • 1-5 minutes on phone at end of period.  Or just socialization time.
    • Pick Kahoot game
    • Visit school psychologist
    • Operate smart board as teacher teachers – or dictate on smart board.


    Group rewards: (for whole class or winning team in good behavior game)


    1. Extra 1-5 minutes of recess/lunch/centers/free time
    2. Leave class one minute early (MS/HS) walk independently to lunch/gym (Elementary)
    3. PJ Day
    4. Stinky feet day (no shoes)
    5. Hat day
    6. One lesson out side on beautiful day
    7. Watch movie/audio book/Pixar short/gonoodle.com
    8. Party – pizza/popcorn/ice cream
    9. Make slime/gak
    10. Extra brain gym/mindfulness activity time (coloring sheets, journal/draw outside)
    11. Walk or hike outside – basketball outside, catch, kick ball. 
    12. Dance party – freeze dance.
    13. Pick the next read aloud book – or choose between teacher choices.
    14. Bubble party.  – buy little bottles at dollar store. Less than $5. For whole class.
    15. Pick science experiment.
    16. Have lunch outside.  
    17. Play class game – rap battle, I’m thinking of…, hangman, dance moves,
    18. Visit local library or any free walking trip.
    19. Snowball fight with cotton balls.
    20.  Class can chew game or have snack for one period.
    21. Teacher picture/story day….Teachers share pictures/stories of them when they were student’s age. (kids love to hear what teachers got in trouble for)
    22. Game:  guess which teacher….Picture from childhood/story of disciplined.
    23. Guess teacher dogs. Teachers bring pics of their dogs students have to guess which dog goes with each teacher.   Or cat/spouse/house/college
    24. 1-5 minutes on phone at end of period.  Or just socialization time
    25. School psychologist comes in and does lesson/tells story.
    26. Kahoot game at end of period.