• College and Career Center

    Mitchell King
    College Advisor
    (845) 577-6468

    Hours:  11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    (5th-8th periods) or after school upon request.

    The College & Career Center provides a central location for students to research & develop post-high school objectives. The center, which functions as an arm of the guidance department, has computer terminals and specific computer programs which make data on colleges & careers accessible to the students.

    This resource center houses an extensive collection of college catalogs,armed forces brochures & career related information.Materials on choosing a school or a major, visiting a college, writing essays for an application, career projections,,scholarships and financial aid are kept in the office. Applications to colleges,summer programs,SAT/ACT and FAFSA forms are also kept on hand. Appointments are available for students during their free or lunch period, to do an individualized search, based on their interests.

    The Center is located on the first floor, opposite the nurse's office.

    *A Sign up sheet for appointments is posted on the door.