• Incentive for Elementary Aged Students

    Students who stuggle with behavior or academics often need a reward to motivate them.  Imagaine if you had to do a task every day that was very difficult, you too may need an incentive or reward to complete it.   I love my job, but if I had to do something that was challenging for me, such as calculus, I'd have to get compensated a lot better.  For students whom acadmenics or behavior is challenging, a reward or something to work toward can give them the motivation they need to get things done.


    Following is a list of no-cost incentives for elementary aged students.   

    1. Be a helper in a room with younger students.
    2. Sit at teacher’s desk/chair.
    3. Have lunch with the principal/teacher/favorite person/friend from another class
    4. Go to another class for lunch
    5. Join another class for indoor recess
    6. Take a picture of student (with friends) and send home or print.
    7. Choose music for lunch. 
    8. Be leader of a class game
    9. Choose a book for the teacher to read to the class/brain gym activity
    10. Help the principal/custodian/librarian/secretary for a period
    11. Draw on chalkboard/smartboard
    12. Choose any classroom job for the week or day.
    13. Invite a visitor from outside the school
    14. No homework/assignment pass/do now/ - chose a preferred task.
    15. Have the teacher phone your parents/go to principal office  to tell them about your good behavior
    16. Be first in line.
    17. Move your desk to another location for the day.
    18. Have a special time to share something with the class.
    19. Help the teacher teach a lesson/correct papers
    20. Buy your lowest grade/certificate/medal/fun worksheet
    21. Extra 10 minutes of recess or center time (with a friend)
    22. Bring Ipad or toy from home to show class  
    23. Go to library to select book
    24. Help a classmate with an academic lesson
    25. Read the morning announcements/be prasied on morning announcemens/pick song on annoncements
    26. Play board game with preferred adult/friend
    27. IOU for one wrong answer on quiz
    28. Get to tally or group/individual points earned for class.  Teacher give student clip board or smart board clicker and signal student to tally points.  “Give one point to Edwin.”
    29. Dance party – student picks a song to play at end of lesson/period and students can get up and dance.
    30. Pixar shorts (1-5 minute animated video – student can pick one for whole class to watch at end of day/period.
    31. Gonoodle.com (pick a quick activity) - Pick kahoot game
    32. Stident can transition independently to lunch/specials/dismissal
    33. Time on phone/device/toy from home when work is completed.
    34.  Visit school psychologist.  Pick Kahoot game.
    35.  Operate smart board as teacher teaches – or dictate on smart board.

    Group rewards: (for whole class or winning team in good behavior game)

    1. Extra 1-5 minutes of recess/lunch/centers/free time
    2. Leave class one minute early (MS/HS) walk independently to lunch/gym (Elementary)
    3. PJ Day
    4. Stinky feet day (no shoes)
    5. Hat day
    6. Board game day/period
    7. Arts and crafts period.
    8. One lesson out side on beautiful day
    9. Watch movie/audio book/Pixar short/gonoodle.com
    10. Party – pizza/popcorn/ice cream
    11. Make slime/gak
    12. Extra brain gym/mindfulness activity time (coloring sheets, journal/draw outside)
    13. Walk or hike outside.
    14. Dance party – freeze dance.
    15. Pick the next read aloud book – or choose between teacher choices.
    16. Bubble party. – buy little bottles at dollar store.  Less than $5 for whole class.
    17. Pick science experiment.
    18. Have lunch outside.
    19. Stuffed friend day - bring from home.
    20. Play class game – Simon says, musical chairs, hot potato, I’m thinking of…
    21. Visit local library or any free walking trip.
    22. Snowball fight with cotton balls.
    23. Teacher picture/story day….Teacher’s share pictures/stories of them when they were student’s age. (kids love to hear what teachers got in trouble for.)
    24. Game: guess which teacher….Picture from childhood/story of disciplined
    25. Guess teacher dogs.  Teachers bring pics of their dogs students have to guess which dog goes with each teacher.  Or cat/spouse/house/college
    26. Play Kahoot game at end of period.
    27. School Psychologist comes into classroom and does lesson/tells story, etc.



Group rewards: (for whole class or winning team in good behavior game)  Extra 1-5 minutes of recess/lunch/centers/free time L