• The best way to be successful in Spanish class, or any class, is to be prepared. To be prepared in Spanish class you will need the following;

    1.  A one inch binder to be used only for Spanish
    2.  Looseleaf
    3.  A folder
    4.  Pens and pencils
    5.  A set of dollar store headphones

    A Spanish/English dictionary would be useful, although not necessary.

  •  Class work and homework: Every assignment in this class counts. Each class work and homework assignment is worth five points. At the end of each quarter I generate an average based on how many points you received out of the possible total. For example, if we have twenty-five homework assignments in a quarter the total homework points a student will be able to receive is 25x5 = 125. I then divide the number you did receive by 125 to get a percent. If you get 100 homework points out of 125 then… 100/125 =.8 which is 80%. It works the same way with class work assignments, although there will be more than twenty-five. If there are 75 class work assignments, the total possible points is 375. To get you average I divide the amount you received by the total amount. If your total is 200, I do 200/375 =.53333 which is 53%.

    Your quarter grade is determined as follows:

    Quizzes, Tests and Projects = 40%

    Class work and Participation = 40%

    Homework = 20%


School supplies