• Rules and Regulations


    1. Student must always wear sneaker in order to participate in PE
    2. No food or drink allowed in the Gym except for water.
    3. Keep your hands to yourself
    4. Be respectful of all teachers, staff and students
    5. Have Fun


    • When you enter the gym you go to your floor spot or an area where the teacher says to go to.
    • Teachers will instruct students to stand up and we will go through our stretching routine:
      • Toe Touches
      • Sky Touches
      • Arm Circles (Forwards/Backwards Big/Small)
      • Jumping Jacks
      • Pushups
      • Sit-ups
    • Students will then sit down and listen for further instructions

    End of Class Routine:

    • Students will line up on their sides designated to them by the teacher
    • The boys will be on the black line and girls will be on the red line