Various wires and circuits sit on a lab bench with students standing around.

     Physics Syllabus

    Science Department Mission Statement 

    The mission of the Science Department is to facilitate the growth and development of each student as an actively engaged, responsible, independent learner of physics,and the applications thereof.

     Instructor                                                       Contact

     Dr. Lu______________                                     Where:  __Room 251 or School Office___

     Required text

    Physics by Zitzewitz et al.and published by McGraw (2009)

     Required materials

    TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator or equivalent, 3-ring 2” Notebook, pencil, paper, graph paper. Students cannot use a TI-89 calculator or a one with a Computer Algebra system.

    Link to online help

    Textbook - Please go to Helpful Resources in this web site for the content of textbook 


    MIT Physics - Opencourseware


     Course Description

    This course will be an in-depth study of physics from classical mechanics related to Newton’s laws of motion, Newton’s universal gravitation, impulse and momentum, work, power and energy, through waves, optics, electromagnetism, and modern physic. This is a two credit course which means a student will receive two (2) high school credits for successfully completing the course.


    Regular attendance is expected. If you know you will be absent (including school related absences), the work is still due. Absences are not a valid reason for being unprepared for class or not turning in assignments. If a student has missed the final exam, they will have an opportunity to make-up this exam.  .


    Castlelearning.com is a program that I use occasionally to help with the mastery of some of the essential physics skills we are learning. In this program if the student does not meet the mastery criteria of 80% or better, he or she must redo the assignment until this criteria is met. When given as a homework assignment there is no penalty for having to redo the assignment until the criteria is met.

    School Website

    The teacher web site is being constructed and will become available later on.

    Google classroom 

    The google classroom is avaiable and the students will be given the class code to assess it.


    Help is available after class (school) upon appointment, especially for those who miss class.

    Course Topics: 

    1st semester

    1. Introduction to physics and scientific number and method
    2. Linear motion with a constant speed, and with a constant acceleration
    3. Newton 1st law of motion, 2nd law of motion, and 3rd law of motion.
    4. Gravity and Newton Universal Gravitation Law
    5. Friction force,
    6. Motion for an object on an inclined plane and Pulley
    7. Two dimensional motion and projectile
    8. Circular motion, centripetal force and acceleration
    9. Simple harmonic oscillation
    10. Impulse and Linear momentum
    11. Conservation of linear momentum and collision
    12. Work, energy, and power
    13. Energy and conservation of energy
    14. Waves and Doppler effect
    15. Reflection, law of reflection and reflection by plane and curved mirrors

    2nd semester

    1. Reflection, law of reflection.
    2. Refraction, Snell’s Law, Refraction by lenses and image property
    3. Static electricity and electric force.
    4. Electric energy and potential
    5. Electric current and Ohm’s Law
    6. Circuits with resistor in serial and in parallel
    7. Millikan’s oil drop experiment and electric charge of an electron
    8. Magnetic field and force
    9. Magnetic field from an electric current, right hand rule, and Ampere’s law
    10. Force on a charged particle moving in a magnetic field, and force on a circuit with electric current in a magnetic field
    11. Mass spectrometer and isotope
    12. Electric current generation on a conducting wire moving in a magnetic field
    13. Lenz law and generator
    14. Modern physics introduction
    15. Photoelectric effect and energy quantization
    16. Bohr model of Hydrogen atom and spectrum of Lyman series
    17. Nuclear physics and nuclear force between nucleons inside nucleus
    18. Energy and mass equation and binding energy for nucleons
    19. Particle physics introduction

    Laboratory Assignments

    The Physics laboratory assignments will be assigned to meet the New York State laboratory requirements for science course. Each student must perform the lab and return a lab report for each lab they perform. 

    Tests and Quizzes

    There will be a cumulative test at the end of each chapter. If a student does not receive a minimum satisfactory grade of a 70% on an exam they are given the option to attend small group instruction at lunch.

    Mid-Term exam :  Exam in the end of the 1st semester

    Final Exam: Physics regent exam 

    Calculator Usage

    Physics students will be using a graphing calculator often in class.

    Science Department Policies

    Student Expectations:

    • I expect you to attend every class on time.
    • I expect you to be prepared for every class by doing the homework assignments and bringing the required text and materials.
    • I expect you to participate in class activities and discussions
    • I expect you to contact the teacher or another student when you are absent to find out your assignments.
    • I expect you to be courteous and respectful to the teacher and your classmates and to not distract the educational environment in any way.
    • I expect you to maintain a positive attitude.
    • I expect you to follow all school rules.


    1st Offense:  Warning/Conference with student - Documented in student record

    2nd Offense:  Parents/Guardian notified

    3rd Offense:  Conference/Meeting with Parent or Guardian

    4th Offense:  Written referral/Parent contact

     Severe offence:  Security will remove student immediately. Administrator Conference

     Positive Rewards

    • Praise
    • Positive notes home
    • Grade Certificate
    • Various other positive perks


    I have read the syllabus and student expectation plan for Physics class.  I understand it and will honor it.

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    My child has discussed the syllabus and student expectation plan with me. I understand it and will support it.

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