• Links and  Pages to Support Eureka Math


    Eureka Math is aligned with the NYSCC standards. Below you will find a link for Zearn, a math practice site for students that corresponds to the Eureka math modules. Students should log in to Zearn on a regular basis, to maintain the skills they are learning in class. Students have been assigned a user name and password, which I sent home. Look for it in their HW folders!


                                                 http://www.zearn.org/sign in

    The following link will find EMBARConline.org: 


    This website contains all the math lessons, organized by module, that we will be doing this year in 3rd grade. 


    One of the most important math skills and concepts taught in 3rd grade will be multiplication. Below please find some activities that will support students at home as we learn these skills at school.


    • This link will display a times table chart for students to use while practicing their facts



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