• Classroom Procedures


    1) Entering the Classroom: You will enter the classroom quickly and quietly. As you enter the room you will:

    1)    Pick up any handouts at the resource center.

    2)    Silently head straight to your assigned seat.

    3)    Take out your homework, notebook, science folder, and sharpened pencil.

    4)    Copy the day’s date, learning target, and homework in your notebook.


    1) Always S.L.A.N.T.: When anyone in the class is speaking – whether a student, your teacher, or a guest speaker – you should always be SLANTing:

    Sit up straight     Listen     Ask and answer questions     Nod     Track the speaker

    3) Bathroom: You may not use the bathroom in the first or last 10 minutes of class.  When given permission to leave the room, you must have your agenda filled in so the teacher can sign.  Only one person may leave the room at a time.

    4) Raise Your Hand!: Do not speak when others are speaking, and do not call out. Raise your hand to ask a question, answer a question, or to get permission to leave your seat. Wait silently to be called on.



    1) Clean Up: Before you leave, make sure that all borrowed materials have been returned to their appropriate location, that your desk is empty, that your desktop is clear, and that the floor around your desk contains no trash.

    2) Dismissal: Do not get up until Mrs. Sullivan officially dismisses you, not the bell. 

    3) Push in Your Chair!