• Websites for Children Age 7 and up!

    BiblioNasium - A Place to Share and Review Favourite Books Bookopolis - All About Books and Reading Chuck Vanderchuck's Explosion - All About Music
     biblionasium  Bookopolis Vanderchuck
    Cyberchase - Quests, Games, Videos and More to Develop Strong Math & Problem-Solving Skills Design Squad - Introduces Kids to Engineering Fact Monster - Tons of Fun Info on Topics from Math to History to Sports
    Cyberchase  Design Squad Fact Monster 
     Time For Kids - News for Kids Friv - Kid-Friendly Games Funbrain - Fun Games
    Time for kids  Friv Funbrain
    Here There Everywhere - Optimistic News  Zimmer Twins - Watch or Make an Animated Movie Junior NBA - All About Basketball
    Here there everywhere Zimmer Twins  Jr. NBA
     KidzClix - Activities to Inspire Critical and Creative Thinking KidsHealth - Kid-Friendly Health Advice  Moshi Monsters - Virtual World with Digital Monsters
    Kidz Clix  Kids Health Moshi Monsters
    NASA Space Place - Fun Learning About Science and Technology Scratch - Graphical Application Gives Kids a Taste of Programming Study Jams! - Multimedia Site Helps Kids Understand Math and Science 
    NASA Space Place Scratch Programming Study Jams
     Fantage - Virtual World (requires free signup)  iTwixie - Empowering Social Site for Tween Girls (requires free signup)   
    Fantage iTwixie