• Values

    We, the East Ramapo education community, value:

    • the pursuit of academic excellence
    • collaborative relationships among individuals and groups
    • the richness of our diversity
    • addressing the needs of all students
    • a safe and nurturing environment
    • creative and critically-thinking individuals
    • involvement in local and global issues
    • respect for oneself and others, and
    • ethical behavior 



    The values that form our foundation allow us to envision a school district that utilizes the richness of its diversity to meet the needs of all students in a global society.  We will work toward harmonious partnerships that provide a community involvement that builds upon scholastic excellence, cultural appreciation, and ethical behavior among individuals who are committed to lifelong learning and a positive future.



    Our mission, as the East Ramapo Central School District, is to make our district more child-centered in an environment of excellence for students and staff.  This is marked by high expectations, including the use of technology, and an open team approach involving teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and students in a process that will identify the goals and develop strategies to meet them in our schools.



    District Goals

    The following goals were developed based upon recommendations made by the East Ramapo Board of Education and the administrative staff.

    Goal 1: Curriculum Focus - Student Achievement

    The East Ramapo Central School District will implement its Curriculum Audit Action Plan to achieve Improvement of Student Outcomes.

     Goal 2: Table of Organization

    The East Ramapo Central School District will review its Table of Organization to maximize efficiency and responsiveness with the focus on best serving Improving Student Outcomes.

     Goal 3: Grade Structure of Our Schools

    The East Ramapo Central School District is committed to examining the best use for our school building space. We will collaboratively work to determine the most effective and efficient Grade Structure of Our Schools, while maintaining full day Kindergarten as a goal for all children.

    Goal 4: Communication

    The East Ramapo Central School District will work toward improving communications in two critical areas: among all school personnel and between students/parents and all school personnel.  Every person in the East Ramapo system should feel respected and listened to.  Every person touched by our school system should know how to access information and should be kept informed of relevant school matters.

    Goal 5: Parent Participation

    The East Ramapo Central School District staff believes that parents are our students' first teachers.  Parents and school professionals will share their knowledge and ideas in a collaborative effort to guarantee the success of all children.  Parent training programs and stakeholder meetings will help the partnerships. Customer service is an essential goal for us in East Ramapo.

    Goal 6: Conservation - Let's Be Green 

    The East Ramapo Central School District is committed to energy conservation. We will work to be more energy efficient, better recyclers, and to be at the leading edge, when feasible, of energy innovation.