• Science Grading Policy:             


    Homework-20% Classwork-10%                                          

    Labs/Projects -25%



    The grading policy has been set up to allow ALL active learners the opportunity for success.

    Tests- larger amount of material, covered through reading, writing, projects, labs. Tests are based on standards. Tests will show if students demonstrate mastery of content through application of higher level thinking skills, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. Tests are announced in class about a week in advance.

    Quizzes more specific content, less material assessed.

    Labs/ Projects- product that shows evidence of learning

    1. Students usually are given adequate time in class to begin most projects.
    2. Points will vary by project


    1. It is the responsibility of each student to write down every assignment in his/her agenda planner.
    2. Homework will be given five to six days a week.
    3. Homework assignments must be completed by their due date to receive credit.  
    4. When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the missed work when he/she returns and promptly turn in the assignment(s).

    Classwork - is based on participation, engagement, and being on task.