• Course Expectations

    This is one year science course with two credits. The students are expected to read the material and answer the pre-class questions prior to attending the class.

    The laboratory assignments in this course for the students will meet the New York State requirements and all the students are expected to complete the laboratory assignments before taking the regent examination as their final examination. Each student is required to prepare a separate notebook for the data taken in the laboratory assignments. There will be a 10 % deduction for a given laboratory assignment if notebook for the laboratory is not prepared. The classwork including the group work and individual work, and the homework assignments are given regularly. During daily class time, the students are expected to take classnote in their notebook and the teacher will exam the student class notebook regularly. The students are also expected to actively participate in the group discussion and work through the group work assignments during daily class time. The students are encouraged to share their classwork in classtime to earn extra points. Using the personal phone and distraction of classroom by chatting or other misbehavior are not allowed. The students will not be permitted to take the examination or test  (test score is set to zero) after three violations of using the phone in class, chatting to make noise to impact the progress of instruction and learning. Lateness to the class will have a 10 % deduction of class participation.

    Classroom seating will be assigned by the teacher. The student will take the seat assigned by the teacher. The students will join the group as assigned by the teacher. The group members will be changed according to instruction and learning needs, as directed and assigned by the teacher. No food or drink is allowed in classroom. 

    The students also need to make appointment with the teacher for reviewing the learning materials because of missing class.

    In the end of the 1st semester, a mid-term examination will be given. In the end of academic year, a final exam (regent exam) will be given.


    Grading Policy

    Examination (Test)

     45 %

    Pre-class Assignment

     10  %

    Class Participation (Group Assignment, Individual Assignments, Exit Ticket, and Summary)

     20  %

    Laboratory Assignment

     20  %

    Homework Assignment

      5  %