• Emergency Closings


    Before School Is In Session

    Students’ safety is the District’s primary concern. If the need arises, the decision to close or delay school opening is made by 6:00am and communication will be made by 6:30am. Determinations are made according to conditions within the district. If weather conditions worsen or other situations arise during the school day, an early dismissal decision may be made. East Ramapo makes every reasonable effort to balance the important matters of safety and education, while at the same time making a decision early enough that bus drivers, teachers, other employees, the media, and parents can be notified in time to make whatever arrangements may be necessary.

    Notifications for closings, delays and early dismissals are sent to staff and families via our Emergency Mass Notification System, posted on the District homepage and social media accounts. 

    You may also call Infophone, the district's 24-hour message service, at 845-577-6000 ext 1. Infophone is kept up to the minute during all emergency situations, and can handle up to eight calls at the same time. If you call after 6:30 a.m. and do not hear a school closing message, then it means that school will be in session. When district schools are closed, all regularly scheduled sports events and co-curricular activities are also cancelled, unless otherwise announced. When school is open for the day, all of the above activities will take place, unless otherwise announced. Activities to be cancelled will be announced on Infophone. No announcements will be made for activities that are to take place as usual.

    Families are strongly encouraged to have a child care plan in place in the event that school is delayed, canceled or dismissed early. In the event of an early dismissal, students will be sent home on the bus they rode to school on. Parents must contact their child’s school with alternate emergency transportation instructions, if needed.


    When School Is In Session

    If school is already in session and grades K-12 are to be sent home early because of poor weather conditions, that decision will be made by 11:15 a.m.

    Please do not call the school district or individual schools to find out if children are being sent home early, as that will only tie up the same phone lines that are needed to inform bus drivers, and other essential personnel. During such emergencies, it is important that the district's telephone system be available for official use. Smoothly-run procedures are essential to the health and welfare of our children, and these depend upon the phone system being available for heavy use by district officials. Additionally, please do not call PTA presidents.

    Important note for Parents of RASP youngsters: When school is to be closed early, youngsters in the RASP program will be bused home. When school remains open until normal closing time, even during inclement weather, RASP will also remain open until normal closing time.

    If you're the parent of an elementary school student, you are urged to have a current emergency telephone number on file at your child's school. You are also urged to make your child aware of where to go and what to do in case of an emergency dismissal during regular school hours. 

  • Missed Call

    Missed a call?
    To listen to all notifications for the last 30 days, please call

    For privacy purposes, calls must be made using the same number in which the notification call was received.

  • Blackboard Mass Notifications

    Effective November 1, 2019 the East Ramapo Central School District will utilize the Blackboard Mass Notification System for all district-wide announcements.

    Blackboard Mass Notification allows the District to share information with ERCSD public school families and staff members on matters such as attendance, school bus notifications, general interest activities, as well as school and District emergencies. The features of this system communicate information from the District through traditional telephone, text messages, social media and the customized District Mobile App.

    *Note to public school parents: If you did not receive a test notification on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, we ask that you create or update your contact information (phone number and email) via the Parent Portal OR contact your child’s school to directly input updates.