• Curriculum

    Welcome to Class 3MB

    Third Grade Curriculum 

    Math Units
    1. Problem Solving
    2. Number Sense and Numeration
    3. Operations on Whole Numbers
    4. Geometry
    5. Measurement and Time
    6. Collecting, Displaying and Analyzing Data
    7. Fractions, Decimals, Money
    8. Patterns and Functions
    9. Probability

    Science Units
    1. How a Scientist Investigates Plants
    2. How a Scientist Investigates Electricity
    3. How a Scientist Investigates the Water Cycle
    4. How a Scientist Investigates the Life Cycle of the Butterfly

    Social Studies 
    The children will be studying "Communities Around the World." 
    We read Time for Kids to keep up with current events in our world.

    The children will be engaged in different reading strategies.  Some of these strategies include: main idea, using context clues, cause and effect, sequencing, fact and opinion, inferencing and figurative language.  

    Through our classroom Book Talks, children will be making predictions, commenting on the book, making text-to-self connections and text-to-text connections, discussing the author's purpose, asking questions and retelling the story.

    The types of writing that we will be exploring this year are: memoirs, narratives, non-fiction, responding to literature, expository writing, poetry and so much more.