• Busing Information

    Registration for public and nonpublic transportation is completed at the Transportation Office in the Central Administration Building at:
    105 South Madison Avenue, Spring Valley, NY 10977


    Bus Passes will be sent to the home for every child eligible for bus transportation.  The usual arrival time of the bus passes to the homes are about two weeks before school for private school students, and about one week before school for public school students.  If an error has occurred in the bus pass information, contact the Transportation Department at 577-6490.

    Child care request forms must be submitted to the Transportation Department by August 1st.  Each request will be reviewed by the Transportation Staff and must fall within the specified guidelines for approval.  Your bus pass received at the end of August should reflect the child care information.  Late requests may take a week (or more) to process.


    Winter weather or unexpected emergencies can create situations during the year requiring early dismissal and/or the closing of school.  Weather conditions are the most obvious of situations.  When poor weather threatens, you should tune into one of the many radio stations that carry closing and dismissal announcements. Please do not call the Transportation Department or radio stations directly.  It is important that the phone lines remain open to provide efficient communications.

    The decision to delay or close school is one of the most difficult and most carefully thought out in any school district.  The complexity of East Ramapo with its variety of different types of roads and terrain, requires a careful process be followed whenever winter weather poses a threat.

    The Transportation Director makes recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools who then makes the final decision.  The decision to delay or close school is always made with the entire district in mind.  The safety of our children is the primary consideration.

    If possible, the initial decision is made by 5:30AM and radio stations are notified.  The objective is to have the message on the air and the website updated by 6:00AM.  A delayed opening often is the first step taken when hazardous weather conditions threaten while the weather situation continues to be monitored.


    When a delayed opening or a school closing becomes necessary, the District begins a notification process that includes a number of avenues.  For parents and guardians, the primary method of notification is the area radio stations.  The stations are notified as soon as decisions are made and then make the announcements promptly.  In addition, the District's main webpage will be updated with the most up to date information as soon as the decision has being made. 



    Emergency situations (problems dealing with heating, electricity, or water failure are impossible to predict.  The staff does everything possible to notify you in advance to avoid students being left unsupervised or locked out of their homes.

    It is important that you establish with your child the procedures you would like followed if he or she comes home and finds no one there.  Your child should know in advance about telephoning you, using a hidden key, or staying with an approved friend or neighbor.

    Check with your individual school to determine the specific procedures (phone chains, etc.) used to notify parents and guardians in case of an emergency.  Please cooperate with your schools in providing emergency information at the beginning of each school year and whenever your information changes.